Jill Eastlake, Fabric Arts

Custom Quilts

Colette's Quilt

The first time I showed in an art show was at the World Science Fiction Convention in 1998, Constellation in Baltimore, MD. I went about my business, being on the committee, and forgot about it.

One night I was found on the way to a party by Colette, who would become a good friend in later years. She had seen my quilted wall hangings in the art show and wanted to commission me to do a special one for her.

This was my first quilt commission. Instructions were to make it blue, about 40 inches square, and she liked stars. We corresponded by email over the course of a couple of months. And, here is the result.

This is a full shot of the front of the quilt. I couldn't bring myself to have it only be blue. I added a few color accents to make it more interesting.
Here's a close up of part of the front so you can see the quilting as it appears on the front.
This is a full shot of the back. I did all of the quilting on my regular sewing machine. Quilting on a regular machine is sufficiently hard that I preferred quilting small pieces for years.
And, here is a detail shot of the back of the quilt. I happen to really like stars!