Jill Eastlake, Fabric Arts

Long Arm Machine Quilting

Flag Quilt

This is a quilt I started at a class at the 2004 A Quilters' Gathering. The pattern is "Old Glory" by Sandy Bonsib.

This is a shot of the whole quilt which hangs over my staircase. I finished the top months before buying the HQ16 and was overwhelmed by the size of the quilt (31.5"x82"). The quilting machine made finishing it so much easier!
A close up of the stars. I free-handed the corner patterns and got the details wrong on the pyramid. This was my second project on the HQ16 - you'll never see the first project.
Here you can see the silver metallic thread on different colors of fabric. I love shiny!
And, a close up of the bottom, right corner.