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Renu's Quilt

My friend Renu surprised me with a gift of an original painting she painted for me of a dragon. It was so super that I had to repay her with the gift of an original quilt. Her husband said she liked the ocean.

This is the result. I picked two fabrics, one from inside the ocean and one of the sea and sky above. I used Ricky Tims' "Harmonic Convergence" pattern to create this amazing quilt - and so easy to do.
I had taken a two-day techniques class at A Quilters' Gathering a couple of years before. He's loads of fun, and very educational.

Here I've sewn in some waves.
This is before I got the quilting machine, so I only quilted wall hangings for many years. Here's a rendition of the sun.
And my impression of an ocean liner. Renu loved her present, I hope as much as I love mine!