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Unfinished Quilt Rescue

Maddy's Quilt

As the only experienced quilter in the family, the family sent individual quilt blocks to Maddy to combine into a wedding quilt for the happy couple. There were no rules for this quilt, so Maddy was sent blocks of all colors, textures, styles, materials, and sizes. But, creative as she certainly is, she made a spectacular combination adding personality and expression to the quilt top.

This was the first customer quilt I quilted on my HQ16. I practiced on the flag quilt shown here in another sequence.

This is a photo of the full, original quilt. Note the variety of textures and colors.

I needed to square up the quilt before batting and backing it. It wasn't quite rectangular.

And, I sent this photo to Maddy. She made the most wonderful printed label identifying all the contributors to the quilt and what work they had contributed.

This is the border design. Maddy requested that the border use orange thread to keep up the blue jeans theme of the quilt.
For this block I outlined the flowers without sewing over them. It is a bouquet and I wanted it to stay that way.
The cups signify the joining of lives on a daily basis. A background design to hold them down without interfering was in order.
The dove flies in the sky, so the quilting needed to give life to the sky.
The geese were also flying in the sky. They are just above the chicken - a farm animal usually behind a chicken-wire fence. The blocking was meant to resemble the fence.
The mountains and more sky. I quilted the mountains enough to secure them to the backing and again filled the sky with airy life.
This photo is a little further back so you can see that the blocks were surrounded in sashing to illustrate and define them.
And, finally, the happy couple. Sammi and Nammi, a great pair!

Praise from Maddy:

Dear Jill,

Thank you so much for the work you did on my quilt. I loved the way you interpreted each square individually and quilted it accordingly! People looked at the finished quilt and literally cried - it was so beautiful. I could never have done it without you.

Thank you,