Jill Eastlake, Fabric Arts

Unfinished Quilt Rescue

Miriam's Quilt

Quotes from Miriam B: "From disaster to delight - I had tried to make a quilt by sewing tee shirts of various sizes and shapes onto backing."

MB: "I'd sorted and organized the pieces and tried to assemble them into a quilt by sewing them into stripes. The task proved well beyond my abilities. Then a mutual friend introduced me to Jill who was persuaded to take my quilt-in-pieces and make something of it."

JE: Actually, Miriam had beautifully embroidered around the designs on the tee shirt pieces and I couldn't bear to take them out - so I didn't!
In order to assemble this quilt I needed to make all the strips the same height. Then I could put more fabric between the strips. I finally checked the quilt to make sure it reasonably covered a bed.
MB: "The end result exceeded my expectations."
Here's a different angle on the finished quilt. Focus in to see how the tee shirt pieces were standardized before the strips could be put together.
And, we selected a pattern for the border reminding us of the gentle motion of waves. This quilt was truly a joint project.

And more from Miriam B: "We spent some incredibly creative time together to talk about what needed to be done to the pieces to make them into something to be proud of. A few short months later, it was done. I displayed the quilt for my fellow volunteers before a recent Boston marathon. The most frequent reaction was stunned silence followed by expressions of awe. I also showed it to friends who have quilted for decades. They were so impressed that they suggested that I submit it to a formal quilting competition. I honestly don't know what I would have done without Jill to finish the quilt for me. It has become one of my most treasured possessions."